Bristow Film/ Media Projects

Blood Rites. Long Form Drama series. Optioned.

Ingrid. Long Form Drama series.

Our Man in Gibraltar. Long Form Drama series. Based on true events of WW2.

Hell’s Dawn. Long Form Drama series. Horror.

Three Scottish Missionaries who Change India. Documentary.


“Blood Rites” Long Form Drama, Crime, Drama. In development with Telegael Productions. Ireland

¨Former Nigerian Soldier Yahkoba Abiona witnesses the murder of his sister and abduction of his neice in a Libyan refugee camp.  Hot on the trail, he arrives in Dublin to find her.

¨Forming an uneasy alliance with a former IRA Commander he delves into the Irish and European underworld to rescue his niece and the woman he loves and find justice for his sister’s death.


“Ingrid”. AKA “The Anger” Long Form Drama/ Thriller..

¨Former Baader Meinhoff Ingrid Kleist has tried to rebuild her life as an Oxford academic.¨Evidence seems to link her estranged and part Palestinian daughter to a terrorist atrocity in Europe.¨

Reactivating old contacts from her own violent past she goes into Syria to rescue her daughter from ISIS.In doing so she both confronts the enigma of her own past manipulation by sinister forces and uncovers a shocking conspiracy.


This series is based on the true events that MI6 Officer Major Desmond Bristow was involved in. After working with Kim Philby for a year he becomes MI6 Section V man in Gibraltar and the Mediterranean arena. On the 4th of June 1942 the flying boat lands in very stormy waters. Secretly debriefed by Major General Sir Stewart Menzies, the head of MI6, it seems that Desmond’s main mission is to befriend the local Spanish Guardia Seville and clear up any misconceptions about MI6 and its operations ion the area. But this is just on the face of it. The affable Major Bristow quickly settles into life on Gibraltar. He agrees to share a large flat with MI9 Officer Donald Darling and Brian Morrison of MI6. Smugglers, Manned Torpedoes, Axis Spies, Threats of invasion and the Problems with the French in North Africa all have to be dealt with quietly and coldly, with the air of humour and devil may care attitude.


Hell’s Dawn” Long Form Drama. Occult/Thriller. 

Deranged archaeologist and cult leader Dermott Breen establishes a commune to prepare for the end of the world.  He also has the means to unlock the gates of Hell and create an apocalypse


Three Scotsman Arrive in India”.   This Documentary film will show how English has become a dominant language in India from the 1800s? How these there men with the initial support of Raja Ram Mahon Roy were able to establish a British form of education which now dominates much of India and its schools. How these three men were responsible for The establishment of the Girl’s school in India and the concept of co-educational schools. The Scottish Church College in Calcutta, (Kolkata) Wilson College in Bombay (Mumbai) and Madras Christian College in Madras (Chennai). Dr Alexander Duff was educated at St Andres University, while both Dr John Wilson and Reverend John Anderson went to Edinburgh University. Raja Ram Mohan Roy worked very closely with Dr Alexander Duff until his death in 1833.

In 1829, John Wilson arrives in Bombay.

In 1830 Alexander Duff arrives in Calcutta.

In 1837 John Anderson arrives in Madras.

All three men are from Scotland and are Missionaries from the Church of Scotland.

Each one of them sets up educational institutions in their areas. They establish the first Girls Schools in India. The high regard and pride held by so many Indians of education in India today is mainly due to these men. The education foundation of Calcutta University, Mombai University and Chennai University were all established by these men.